‘To be or not to be’


I think of myself not so much as becoming a witch, but waking up to the fact I was one. To offer help I didn’t have at the time, let me provide this checklist.

You might be a witch if you:

__ get excited during thunderstorms and lashing rain

__ have always been captivated by the moon 

__ dislike crowds

__ own three or more black skirts

__ hug trees

__ know the difference between magic and magick

__ feel energy

__ find some people are uncomfortable being around you

__ frequently encounter synchronicity

__ see or hear things others don’t

__ have mixed up a natural alternative remedy or two or three or four

__ would rather sweep than vacuum

__ have always felt different than everyone else

__ collect rocks, shells, feathers and other natural objects.

__ are very sensitive and empathetic

__ literally worship the ground you walk on

__ have a sense and inner knowing you can’t explain to others

__ honor your ancestors

__ have a strong connection to nature

Because witchcraft is generally closely aligned with nature, I believe everyone has a bit of witch in them, but if you identified with fourteen or more from the above list, there’s no doubt – merry meet; grab a broom and come dance under the full moon!

Lynn Woike