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Magic in Motion ~ Tales of a Wandering Witch


I can trace my dream of traveling back roads in an RV to watching “On the Road” with Charles Kuralt at age 13.

Since claiming the word witch when I was 50, I have dreamed of walking my path full time.

Now that I am retired, I am able to do both.


Come along for the ride!


Hi, I’m Lynn!

All my life I have known that magick is real.

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Where’s the Witch?

Follow this blog for where the WOW has been, where she is now and in which of the seven directions she will head next.

Witch Hunt

Interview Series

We witches are everywhere ~ I hope to meet as many as possible!

Book of Shadows

A book of shadows contains a witch’s collection of knowledge, beliefs, spells, rituals, correspondences, divinations and other workings. Here you will find a “book” of silhouette shadows, soon to be featured on Instagram.

You are invited to send original photographs to for consideration.

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Magickal Offerings

I work with individuals and groups, in person or online, to be of service to the Goddess. My offerings include tarot readings, Reiki healing, mojo bags, amulets, spell-writing, intention candles, workshops & more!

Witchy Wit

Come here for a cackle with the complete collection of comics and humor.

Bewitched Bus

Come sit for a spell and see what it’s like to live a magickal life in 140 square feet on a bewitched bus rolling on six wheels.

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